Friday, December 12, 2014

Cerita Menuju Impian- Tahun Dua

Assalamualaikum dan hai.

Jumpa lagi here to continue my journey in UKM. Tahun Dua. Hectic fun and exciting year.

Melangkah ke Tahun Dua, more nutrition subjects to learn. First sem tak sangat but 2nd Sem yes.

First and foremost, bila dah masuk 2nd Year ni, mesti la ada First Year yang masuk kan, so we were officially seniors. Yey.
And on top of that, USUALLY, COMMONLY, MEMANG selalunya 2nd Year akan diberi tugasan to handle Interaction Day and Course Dinner.
So awal semester we started off with Interaction Day. I got the post of Exco Multimedia dan Publisiti.
Busy? Ya. sebab dalam masa yang sama saya juga Exco Multimedia Pub untuk Fiesta Mahabbah (Program Kolej). Tapi dengan semangat yang waja dan sokongan dari sahabat2 yang supportive, we managed to go through the workloads.
Interaction Day ni gabung tiga kos (Pemakanan, Dietetik dan Optometry) because we are under the same pusat pengajian sains jagaan kesihatan. Dekan asked to do interaction day together to strengthen the bond. and yes, it came true (^^).
We even made a video clip of the song by Demi Lovato, 'Gift of A Friend', combine Nutri and Diet as a gift to all juniors and seniors. It came out well. Yeyy.

The committee members

Some of the subjects we learnt during the whole 2nd year were:
- Pemakanan dan Metabolisme
- Biokimia Klinikal
- Analisis Makanan
- Pemakanan Sepanjang Hayat
- Penilaian Status Pemakanan
And lots more.

1st and 2nd Year mostly, Nutri dan Diet gabung kelas. We learnt together as a whole class.
Saya nak ceritakan some of exciting subjects that we learnt. Firstly, Analisis Makanan.
Subject ni banyak masuk lab analisis and our experiments were analyzing the food contents like, how much protein content in this food and how about the carbohydrate and other nutrients. Cool isn't it? :)

Secondly, Penilaian Status Pemakanan. The assignments were fun even a bit tiring, haha. Assignment subjek ni kami kena buat diari pemakanan. We have to weigh every single foods that we ate. Seriously. We even bring the penimbang makanan to cafeteria. Timbang, rekod, kira dan buat laporan. That was how it goes.
That lasts for 3 days. Fuh.
Timbang my meal

Next, Pemakanan Sepanjang Hayat. The assignment was, making our own 'my life Album'. We need to go through our old album to search for photos since we were born and then paste them into our own album. Assignment ni untuk melihat perkembangan kami sejak bayi hingga dewasa. There were many patterns and kinds of albums made by us. Creativity needed.

The last subject i wanna tell you is Pengeluaran dan Pengurusan Perkhidmatan Makanan or in short, PPPM.
Subjek ni memerlukan kami menjayakan satu projek jualan makanan, which was held at faculty. Kami dibahagikan kepada 4 kumpulan, bertemakan Asean Food Fiesta. We need to cook and sell foods from 4 countries, mengikut kumpulan. Mine was Vietnam so we need to cook vietnamese foods. Pilihan kami adalah Beef Noodle Soup, Vietnamese Roll and Mint Lime Juice. Kami juga buat desserts untuk jualan dedikasi and we made Blueberry Muffin and Caramel Chocolate Cake.
Alhamdulillah, it went well eventhough it was so tiring sebab kami kena buat few trials di lab (dapur masakan kami, we call it lab) dan perlu stay till midnight di lab utk siapkan order. Well, worth it.

Jump to the main event of the year, which was Nutri and Diet Dinner.
I was the pengarah. Ya, saya pengarah Dinner. The whole 2nd sem was hectic because i need to handle dinner with my other committee members and at the same time we need to handle our jualan makanan. Time management, you need it.
After a few months constructing, managing the event, akhirnya alhamdulillah we did it. Everybody love our event and with the lovely thing, my 2nd Year had come to an end.

They were the precious experiences i had dan of course, taught me many things. Being in university doesn't mean you have to be all nerdy and studying all the time. Discover many things to learn more. Bila terlibat dengan banyak aktiviti, banyak pengalaman yang kita dapat dan pengalaman, mengajar kita :)

Explore and you will learn.
Now i'm officially a Third Year Nutrition Science student.
How time flies.

Till then. Wassalam

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