Sunday, January 31, 2016

Bedah Drama | Death Note 2015

"The human whose name is written in this note shall die..."

I spent about a month watching this drama (haha). Sorry to say but I got many other important things to do than watching this (teehee). By the way, I managed to watch the entire episodes and get the view of the whole story. For some people who are familiar with Death Note, I am sure we all know that Death Note have been screened as movie before and yes, there were two series if I'm not mistaken.

This time it is not a film, but a drama that actually put with new characters and new conflicts. I really don't remember the plot from Death Note 1 so I am not going to compare these two. So, here what I thought of Death Note 2015 and what I got from this (there are bountiful of values I guess :D) 

**I am going to write from the perspective of our reality. Be ready :)

1. Evil may started as our enemy but it could be our best buddy.

    If we ask each of us, everyone will say that they hate evil. True. Everyone wants heaven. Every muslim want Jannah. But why does there are still evil going on out there? Why does muslim keep doing sins? Why do 'us' keep doing 'maksiat'? 
I'm telling you, it is because we ignore our innocent soul. We denied the fact that we have pure heart just to follow the worldly desire, which will harm us someday.  
There was this young man, Yagami Light who was an innocent man that hates evil so much. He was scared to death when he discovered the Death Note but in the end he was the one who possessed by the note. Why? because he saw what he can do 'good' with the note. 
Ever heard 'Alah bisa, tegal biasa'? This proverb goes the same with sins. Yes, SINS. If we keep doing sins (maksiat), we will be familiar with it and without realizing, we are allowing ourselves to befriend with it. Indeed, without strong faith or I put it as 'Iman', we can be easily taken over by shaytaan. Beware muslims.

2. Strategy is a skill

       No, you are not reading it wrong. This drama depicts the story of two sides of human. The good and the bad. They fight their best to win their sides. They think so hard, critically, creatively, strategically, actively and all thinking aspects included just to plan a strategy. I was amazed by the story plot that sometimes fooled me and sometimes surprised me and sometimes annoyed me (huh). Well, sometimes I got scared by the face of evil on Yagami Light face (really scary).

Quite scary, right? :o
Dear readers, our life need strategy and alhamdulillah with Allah blessings, we have that skill of thinking. The skill that will help us to organize our life and to help us with choices. What are we going to plan? What are our choices? What are we going to do? It all depends on us. 
If we are 'L', we will strive to bring justice to win but if we are 'Kira', we will plan hard to excuse our mistakes and keep following our worldly desires.
If the gift from Allah has been used in a wrong way, then where is the thankful heart?

3. You will appreciate everything when everything is gone

       Indeed. Human are like that. Regretting here and there because of their own mistakes (me too) opss. It hurts us, right? The truth that we are ignorant people that will appreciate only when we lose everything. Yeah, just like in the song "only know you love her when you let her go" and Allah already said in the Quran, there are people who regret that they were ignoring Allah rules in their life. Sad truth. I hope we are not including in those people, insya-Allah.
The ending of this drama showed how someone that being possessed by burning desires regrets of everything he did and sadly, he really can't rewind things. 
We, muslim are lucky that Allah is The Forgiver, which always give us the chance to repent. So friends, let's take our time to repent on our wrongdoings and keep doing deeds, because we don't know which one of our deeds will get us to Jannah and we afraid that our sins will get us punished in 'Naar' nauzubillah.

Learn to appreciate every single thing. Be thankful to Allah.

Alhamdulillah, I got quite values from this drama so I summarized them into those three. Well, I don't want to spoil your movie time (hem). By the way, I'm looking forward to Death Note 2016 (!).

Dear readers,
I'm a slave of Allah and I did wrong (many). Let's strive together to be a good muslim. Guide me when I'm wrong (please?) :)

Till then, wassalam.

Bintang Hati

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